Arcitect: Brian Watts

Project Completed: August 2007

Contractor: Spetisbury Contruction


Over the years, Sandroyd had grown and developed in an organic way with new accommodation constructed as and when needed. Following the completion of the Walled Garden prep-school in 2004, the governors set about rationalising the teaching facilities of the main school. Central to the plan was to form a new 250 seat Performing Arts Hall.

A sustainable approach was taken, the hall being constructed using Douglas fir timber grown on the estate and framed using traditional green timber techniques. The plan is arranged with a central pit allowing flexible use of the theatre. The timber frame is located between corner masonry rooms constructed of local greensand stone. Sliding folding doors on three sides of the hall open the building to the surrounding parkland.


SAH 01
SAH 02
SAH 03
SAH 04r
SAH 05r
SAH 06
SAH 07
SAH 08

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