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Architect: Geoff Cole

Project Completed: 2023

Contractor: K&B Builders South West Ltd


This new dwelling is positioned along a quiet narrow New Build lane to the west periphery of Shaftesbury, where the plot benefits from reaching views towards Duncliffe Wood and the Blackmore Vale beyond. The site is situated outside of the Shaftesbury settlement boundary which made for a difficult and drawn out planning process, with planning approval being granted at appeal.

The sloping topography of the site was intrinsic to the development of the design concept, which was to create a contemporary interpretation of the local vernacular
that responds to the features of the surrounding context in a sensitive manner. The building position within the plot allows the proposal to be cut into the sloping topography of the plot, which results in a subtle single storey appearance from the lane whilst appearing two storeys from the north and west. Living spaces are positioned to the first floor to maximise the available views to the west. A palette of quality materials and details are combined with sustainable technologies to create a high quality and largely self-sufficient dwelling which will last into the future.

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