Extension & Refurbishment, Hindon, Wiltshire

  • Extension & Refurbishment, Hindon, Wiltshire

    Extension & Refurbishment, Hindon, Wiltshire

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Designer: Richard Neale

Project Completed: Summer 2022

Contractor: K & B Builders South West Ltd

Sustainability along with conservation of resources and ecology were at the centre of the brief when we were appointed to design the extension and renovation to this 1930s detached dwelling.

Having been previously extended and remodelled many elements of the build required differing strategies and solutions, but a holistic overview was required to ensure this became an efficient, but more importantly a comfortable home.

The project continued out into the landscape with input into the garden design, such as ensuring electric car charging points could be integrated into the solar and battery storage system. Rainwater harvesting has also been incorporated to further reduce dependency on drinking water supplies for watering the garden.


A-  New Green Roof-min
B - New Green Roof  Lanterns-min
C - New Front Elevation After-min
D - New Internal Pendant Rooflight-min
E - New Pendant Rooflight-min
G - New Roof  PV Panels-min

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